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Friends and co-hosts Marcus Luther and Jim Mayers have been classroom teachers for over ten years. Both veteran English teachers, they launched The Broken Copier to have a healthy, authentic, and honest conversation about teaching. Along with the podcast, there are also semi-frequent posts on this Substack that share resources, explore new strategies, and take the conversation around teaching to the written form for those who find it helpful and meaningful.

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One of the great things about this project has been our ability to connect with other educators in new and inspiring ways. Even if you aren’t directly working in the classroom, if you’re working in education to improve outcomes and drive towards systemic change, we want to hear about your work!

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A conversation about teaching.


The Broken Copier

A conversation about teaching.

Jim Mayers

English teacher.

Marcus Luther

Co-Host of The Broken Copier and HS English Teacher in the Pacific Northwest!